If You Don’t Like the Answers…..

Posted on by Cheryl

Change the question!

This came from a workshop led by Brenda Zimmerman talking about the 1980’s and the World Health Organization working with Brazil and South Africa to try to find a way to deal with AIDS. At that time Brazil’s problem was worse than South Africa. The discussions came from scarcity and therefore costs for the plans were high and impossible for the countries to implement. Brazil did not like this approach and therefore determined what was available in abundance. Brazilian nuns became the mode of education and as a result the AIDS incidence is low.

We can take the same approach in our planning. If we run into an obstacle that seems to be preventing us from reaching our goals, look at it from all sides considering what resources are available to you. By working from the perspective of what you have rather than what you don’t have, you can move forward effectively.

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