Strategic Planning

You, as staff and board members, have the best understanding of the organization, its challenges and its potential. Trained in Technologies of Participation, a consensus building process, I will guide your organization and your stakeholders through an approach that develops effective and creative solutions. Working together, we will create a plan that stimulates participants to a quick implementation of the plan creating confidence in your organization and its future.

“What amazed me about the strat plan process was how creative it ended up being. Really coming up with fresh ideas and new ways of talking about old ones.” Anne-Marie Donovan, eyeGO to the Arts Board Member

Sharing Wisdom

When your team collaborates to develop goals, the commitment to achieving them will be strengthened. A good facilitator helps you find the answers. Your knowledge of your organization, your community, provides the information required to find the best strategies for moving forward.

“I really enjoyed working with you, Cheryl. It was such a simplified easy-to-understand process and it really seemed to inspire the volunteers and staff here at the Kennedy Gallery.” Dermot Wilson, Director/Curator, W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery

Tracking Goals

A strategic plan should be a living document that directs all of your organizational actions.

“From Artists to CEO’s of major companies, the Directors found this new process both gratifying and stimulating and engaged in long discussions which allowed for ideas, concerns and issues to be bared and laid on the table. The consensus driven process led to effective and creative solutions and Board participation will drive the actions forward.” Dee Adrian, General Manager, Capitol Centre, North Bay